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If you’re an entrepreneur or marketing professional that needs more traffic to your website, then Ecig Media is for you. With over 10 million vapers in our network, Ecig Media is the largest Vaping, CBD, & Cannabis advertising network on the planet! Join us today and start driving high quality traffic to your website.

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If you are a publisher in the Vaping, CBD, or Cannabis industry and have high quality traffic, then Ecig Media is the right place for you. We optimize your revenue so that you can focus on your website and not on soliciting your ads to advertisers. Don’t leave money on the table. Get started today…

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" I can not recommend this company enough! Our team has been searching for an effective way to diversify our advertisements for quite some time. We all know how much of a pain it can be to keep track of all of our advertisements at once, on top of shoveling out the money to purchase the minimum amount of advertisements needed to be featured across a multitude of sites. That's where EcigMedia comes into play. Not only do they have the ability to easily place your ads over the span of a couple dozen different, unique, and popular websites, but the customer service is superb as well. One of the more serious hiccups that we ran into in regards to advertising was simply being able to get ahold of a website to purchase ads or being able to be actively involved with the website once our ads were up to see what variations performed the best (i.e. trying different images, placements, verbiage, etc.)... "

Jake | VanVal Vapor

"The work that E-Cig Media does for us is outstanding and consistent for the years that we have worked with them. Our rankings continue to rise on the google charts every campaign and they are always on top of the display advertisement and how our ads perform."

Isaac | Humble

"E-Cig Media is the biggest advertiser in the vape space and has the best connections to influential sites in our niche. Brad reviews our campaign performances and makes proper tweaks to future campaigns leading to a month over month increase in click through rates and conversions. Mike has strong connections with relevant vape influencers and publishers. He successfully gets our products into the hands of very important people who promote our brand.

Consider E-Cig Media if you are a new or established brand that wants to increase online presence. Their SEO/PPC driven strategy has done wonders for us and has helped us carve out a bigger market share."





We know how hard it can be to advertise in the vaping industry, and unlike most marketing agencies, we also know what works in the vaping industry.

In fact, since 2008 we have generated over 12 million dollars in vape related sales on our in-house publisher websites. Because of our great reputation in the industry we were able to combine all of the top vape related publishers under one technology platform we call EcigMedia.

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We bring all of the top publishers under one roof so you can easily manage your marketing campaigns in one place.

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We have partnered with most of the top publishers in the vaping industry and provide access to over 200 million impressions every month.

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