3 Design Tips for Your E-Cig Website

Figuring out your website design leaves for so many different options. There are plenty of things to consider, from website layout, to images, to what type of ecommerce website host you’re using. In the end, you want to be sure you are building an e-cig website that draws new visitors and potential customers to purchase from your online shop. To do this, it requires a bit of design knowledge and knowing what is best to highlight for your business. Let’s break down three important design tips to keep in mind when building your e-cig ecommerce website.

Feature Most Popular Products First

On the homepage, you’ll typically see a menu directing customers to shop, as well as the most popular products. Featuring the most popular products entices the shopper to see what is available at your store. So, highlight the best-sellers and use bright and clear imagery, but be careful not to have an information overload. An important part of website design is to only highlight the e-cig and vape products that are most important on your homepage. 

Alex Ivanovs at GeekFlare points out that you should use eye-catching imagery:

“The imagery you use in your overall design can have a huge impact on captivating users’ attention. A great photo instills emotion, creates a sense of identity, and is easily remembered. The average person can recall up to 2,000 images with near perfect accuracy. That being said, products won’t sell unless there are photos to back up the product design.”

Include an About Section

Viewers will generally be more interested in visiting and purchasing from your company if they know you’re a legitimate business. This is why it is important to feature a section highlighting what the business is about. It doesn’t have to be anything too excessive; just make sure you’re showing who your company is and what you stand for. Focus on why your vape and e-cig company is passionate about having the right vaping products and a bit on your origin story.

Dayna Winter at Shopify says to make sure you’re not giving customers an information overload:

“You’ll be tempted to showcase everything you have in your arsenal whether that be a plethora of information or a backlog of every product you’ve ever made.

While it’s true that there are going to be customers who want to see the entire history of your brand, those people are few and far between. Figure out what your top products are and give them a place of honor on your site.”

Have Customer Service at the Ready

If anyone is looking to purchase from your website, they may have a few questions. This is where online customer service is important. Incorporating a service tool into your website design is essential. Most companies will have an email or phone number handy, that way the customer can contact your team directly for any product questions.

To take it a step further, feature a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page on your e-cig website. Some shopping websites also use a customer service bot that can offer the site visitor help with a few simple clicks.

Lyfe Marketing says it’s important to keep the customer first in mind:

“Every single detail of your website from product images to contact forms could potentially contribute to a user’s decision to make a purchase. That’s why you should keep the user in mind with every single decision you make when it comes to your ecommerce web design. User experience is paramount to turning visitors into customers and turning customers into repeat customers.”

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