3 Questions to Ask When Working with a Vape Influencer

Social media influencers have a huge role in shaping online buying trends. They have got a direct and personal connection to their audience in a way that businesses sometimes don’t have. This is why it’s important that if you’re a vaping company that wants to generate more customers, it may be time to work with a vape influencer. If this is your first time working with an influencer or reaching out to some, here are three questions you should ask in the initial e-mail or meeting to decide if you’re a good match.

1.   What are your engagement metrics?

It is important to focus on what creative posts the influencer is putting on their page, but it is also important to see what their technical statistics are like. Ask the influencer what their engagement metrics are like, and any numbers they can share. If they primarily share vape and e-cig content, it is important to ask them for the engagement they get on those posts. This will give you a good idea of what you can expect from their content and how much audience engagement they will get from a sponsored vaping post with your company.

Kaley Hart at Jumper Media says to keep the influencer’s metrics in mind:

“How engaged are the micro-influencer’s audience with their content? Look at likes, comments, and shares. While likes can indicate good engagement, they can be easily purchased via online platforms. Shares and comments take more effort. Take a look at who is leaving comments on their posts and if these seem genuine.”

2.   What were your most successful brand partnerships?

Working with a vape influencer is more of a collaboration than anything. It is a balance between what you want for your brand and how they want to show your brand in their own creative way. This is why it is important for you to ask what other kind of brand partnerships they have under their belt. It may not be with other vaping companies or vape products, but it is important to see what skills and previous experience they have to offer as a vape influencer. 

Amanda Pressner Kreuser at Inc.com elaborates more on this:

“Request examples of branded work an influencer has completed in the past year so you can get an idea of how his platform allows for brand integrations. This is also a great opportunity to see analytics in action, so ask for performance numbers as well. Compare the success of past branded posts with average post views. Do the numbers seem low? Dig deeper to find out why.”

3.   How can you relate to our target audience?

While you may already have an idea of how you want to work with the influencer, it’s important to get their perspective as well. Tell them who your target demographic is and ask them how they can relate to your audience. You want to make sure that the influencer you are working with understands who your company is and who your audience is like.

Anastasia Masters at Awario says to also consider the creativity the influencer can bring:

“One of the best parts about an influencer campaign, if done right, is that it often seems natural and authentic. Therefore, in order to see the most success for the campaign, you’ll need to hand over creative control to the influencer. You can set guidelines in your contract or air that you’d like to have final approval before the post goes live, but you should choose an influencer based off liking their previous content and not try to influence their posts too much.”

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