3 Ways to Optimize Your Online Vaping Content

It goes without saying that the vaping industry lives and thrives in online communities. Like lots of online spaces, the vaping community is filled with creative people who are making content that attracts new viewers and keeps people interested. 

If you’re a vaping business, it can be hard to come up with new content ideas. Here are some tips on what you can do to improve your online presence and make your content creative and original. 

Create Original Images and Videos

Having original content makes your vaping business a stand-out amongst the competition. Original content can be blog posts, images, and videos featuring the products you sell and the people you work with. 

Consider what your best-selling vaping products are, and make video tutorials showcasing them. Another idea is taking photos of your storefront if you run a brick-and-mortar shop, to provide that personal touch online to your customers. 

ECig One explains why having original social media content helps create your online presence: 

Each social media platform can create value for your vape shop in a slightly different way. Business pages, for example, have essentially turned Facebook into a business directory in its own right. Social media platforms also give you avenues — in addition to your own mailing list — for marketing your vape shop directly to customers and potential customers.”

Collaborate with Social Media Influencers

If you take a look at trending and popular vaping content, you’ll find that social media influencers are the largest group creating online content. Influencers work with vaping companies to promote new products and they can be a great resource for contributing to your brand. 

Reach out to social media influencers and ask them if they want to get involved in making content for your business. Each one has different asking rates and can bring different ideas to the table on what works for online vaping audiences. Collaboration with online influencers can be key to making your vaping content unique and a stand-out on social media. 

The Times Square Chronicles says frequenting social media is important to learning new vaping trends: 

Social media is a good place to start your research on vaping. Here you can find both positive and negative reviews of various e-cigs and popular vape flavors, tips on using vape products or tutorials on cloud chasing.”

Assess (and Reassess) Your SEO and Keywords 

If you find you’re not getting enough traffic to your vaping website or social media accounts, it may be because you’re not utilizing SEO to its full extent. SEO is a tool that allows your site to be prioritized on online searches, and takes a careful eye for crafting posts with certain keywords and hashtags. 

For optimizing your vaping content, SEO is the key for long-term growth in getting new customers visiting your vaping business website. Take a look at what your business is doing now to use SEO and ways you can improve.

Egochi says creating original content with SEO in mind is key: 

I usually recommend creating content that is focused on answering questions, providing insight into the vaping industry, reports, case studies, sharing techniques, and how to do stuff. Once you accomplish in generating high-quality content ensure that you add the right schema markup to your articles.”

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