5 Killer Steps For Effective Vaping Ad Campaigns

One of the most common questions I receive as a network manager for EcigMedia is “How can I create effective ad campaigns?” That’s a great question, because even the most interesting offer might not survive a terribly ineffective ad. Today, I’m going to be sharing my opinion on the answer to that question, based on my five years experience with EcigMedia.

1.) Pick a specific offer
One of the most common pitfalls companies make is just advertising their company or brand in general and not a specific offer. Typically when a new company comes to EcigMedia, I invite them to use one of their most popular products or to create a new offer that would be appealing to consumers on our network.

For example, one of the most appealing offers on the EcigMedia network right now is ejuice in the 120ml amount in the $18-$25 range. These offers have converted hundreds of times over the past 30 days, and represent an easily identifiable trend in the vape space.

Being specific can do wonders for performance, even if your offer may not appear as appealing in today’s market.

2.) Focus on the product, use great pictures, and maybe use a big price
The centerpiece of your ad should be a large product image, with branding being a part in some way, but not the main focus. I’m a firm believer that while customers may fall in love with brand imaging, the product and offer are the most important bait in trying to gain a customer.

Returning to my 120ml bottle example from above, nothing is quite as powerful as a big beautiful bottle for a great price. That’s not to say that these companies don’t have great branding on our network ads, quite the contrary, we’ve helped them learn the effectively rep their brand while making the product the focus.

If you have a great price, by all means make sure to make that sucker stand out. It boggles my mind how many companies that send me first drafts have ridiculously good pricing but it’s just a tiny blip on the ad. Freaking rock that price if it’s great! If your price isn’t all that competitive, then I totally understand leaving things a little vague. In that case, it becomes purely about getting the user to click the ad and explore your site. Which brings me to my next point.

3.) Call to action and sense of urgency or scarcity
Inviting the user to click on the ad is a simple and powerful way to influence their behavior. Advertising with a call to action generally outperforms advertising without one, which is something we’ve understood for quite some time. CTA’s can range from something simple like Click Here, or Claim Yours Now.

Beyond that scarcity is another tool that you should absolutely use to your advantage. By that I mean, some sort of notice or disclaimer talking about the limited availability of the offer in question. If you’re like me, knowing that a good offer is limited spurs me to get off the fence and take action. Keep in mind, this scarcity doesn’t necessarily have to be true.

4.) Consider a landing page
Don’t get me wrong, many people in our ad network use a homepage and have effective ad campaigns. But if you’re doing a specific offer, considering linking that page in particular, or a special landing page designed just for that offer. Landing pages often convert much higher than home pages.

If you’re curious as to what’s the most effective, you can easily A/B test with the EcigMedia network. Our system effortlessly splits the campaign between two options without any extra charge.

5.) Don’t get discouraged!
This may seem like a bit of shameless promotion to continue using our service, but I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that some of our biggest long term clients didn’t strike gold their first campaign (some do.) The most successful campaigns on our network require trial, and effort, and not being afraid to experiment. The more closely we work together and experiment, the better off you’ll be!

Over the years we’ve honed the process and know how to maximize performance based on product category, but you’d be shocked at the bits of data you can discover with a simple A/B test, or trying a few different campaign focuses.


In summation, these are just a few techniques that have proven to boost ad campaigns across our network. It is by no means an exhaustive list, but these principles will help form a solid campaign. Don’t hesitate to contact me at brad@ecigmedia.com if you have questions or comments!


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