Alternatives to PPC For Online Vape Shops

Selling a product online without so much as the option of running paid ads can be a difficult task. Indeed, the FDA has very strict regulations in place in terms of how one can start an online vape shop, nevermind how to market it.  In order to come up with an effective online marketing strategy, you must find alternative (and clever!) ways in order to market your products, that don’t involve paid advertising. We’re going to take a look at alternatives to PPC (Pay Per Click) for online vape shops, so you can make sure that your product is still receiving the online exposure it needs.

What Does It Really Mean To PPC?

PPC is short for pay-per-click, which is a method of internet marketing in which advertisers pay a fee each time one of their ads is clicked by a potential buyer or customer. This method is essentially buying visits to your website, with search engine and social media advertising being the most popular forms of PPC. However, vape and e-cigarette products are not good candidates for PPC, with the majority of these types of ads being denied on these platforms.

3dcart tells us more about vape ads when it comes to Google and social media: 

“If you’re already running a vape shop online, you probably know that it is literally prohibited to promote any tobacco products on Google Shopping Ads. Not just Google, other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram have a strict policy against it.”

Social Media Marketing

While you cannot run ads on social media networks like Facebook and Instagram, and cannot pay an influencer to promote your products either (yes, another marketing downfall for online vape shops!) you can still find ways to engage in social media marketing. A large part of social media marketing is creating quality content that will draw your customers in – paid advertisements or not. This includes close up, high quality images, custom graphics, and strategically selected hashtags. expands on social media marketing in the vape industry:

“Social Media Marketing is one of the most popular and effective strategies for ecommerce vape shops who are looking to reach new audiences. Social Media Marketing is free, but you’ll still need to dedicate time and resources to have a social media presence that drives business to your site. That time and those resources can easily be wasted if you aren’t strategic with your posting.”

Original Research

Believe it or not, original research is hard to come by these days. The reason? Noone really wants to take the time to do their own research. After all, it’s a nice idea, but it can be seriously time consuming. Having said this, because of the fact that the majority of companies don’t want to take the time to do it, it can prove to be highly beneficial to those who do. tells us more about why publishing content containing original research can be a great marketing strategy for online vape shops:

“Online content containing original research is quite rare. If you conduct exhaustive research on a topic and use it to create a resource that doesn’t exist elsewhere, you’ll automatically have an advantage over your competition. Have you ever searched for information online and pulled up the first several search results — only to find that there weren’t many differences between them? It’s very easy to write an article by taking information from the most authoritative websites and rewriting that information in your own words.”

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