Coil Gunk: Fix it With These Tips

Are you familiar with the taste of burnt sugar that accompanies your end of the day vape after several uses? Do you feel the harsh burn at the back of your throat that indicates that something is just not right with your vape pen? When you take a look and open the tank, you notice that it looks greasy and black, not to mention torched. So, what happened? Unfortunately, with heavily sweetened e-liquids becoming more popular than ever, coil gunk is a serious problem that may become an everyday occurrence for you. We’re going to take a look at how to fix coil gunk with these tips, so that you can significantly reduce your daily buildup. 

Switching Your Vape E-Juice

We know – this is probably the last thing you want to hear. However, switching your super sweet vape e-juice may just solve all of your problems. If switching over completely is not something you’re willing to do, blending your high VG juice with a low VG juice may be a good way to go. tells us why switching out your vape e-juice of choice for a low VG juice may be your best option for reducing coil gunk:

“Reports suggest that liquids with a higher VG capacity generally result in high coil gunk formation. Selecting the right vape e-juice is another important parameter for avoiding coil gunk. The PG based liquids generally form a lesser amount of coil gunk. When using a sub-ohm tank, you must never switch to a high PG based juice. A low VG juice will give you dry hits. To overcome this issue, you can consider trying a 50/50 blend of VG/PG. It surely increases the lifespan of the coil.”

Changing Your Wick Material

Did you know that your wick material may be partially to blame for your buildup of coil gunk? While cotton is a a go-to for many when it comes to building your own coils, it will certainly contribute to your buildup faster than some other materials. explains why your wick may be at least partially to blame for your buildup of coil gunk:

“If you build your own coils, chances are you use cotton as a wicking material. While this does have many advantages, it is more susceptible to gunk than some other materials. Switching to a silica wick will make your builds more resistant to gunk. Some pre-made atomizer heads also use ceramic for wicking, which is also less prone to getting gunky.”

Agitation For Cleaning Coil Gunk

If you’re not willing to change up the materials you use or your e-juice of choice, chances are you’re going to be cleaning your vape on a very regular basis. And while this is completely your choice, you’re going to want to know the best ways for getting rid of that coil gunk. While soaking your coil gunk might be perfectly effective in some cases, others may require something a little bit more abrasive, in the form of agitation.

ECig One tells us how to clean coil gunk by using agitation, if a simple soak isn’t doing the trick:

“You may find that a simple soak in water or vodka doesn’t do as thorough a job of removing coil gunk as you might like. Whether you’re cleaning an entire coil head, just the heating wire from a pre-built coil head or an entire rebuildable atomizer, try using an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner. Many people have reported that the gentle agitation of ultrasonic jewelry cleaners leaves their coils almost as shiny and white as when the coils were new.”

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