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HOW Advertising WORKS

Set a budget

Create ad

Begin advertising on our display network

It’s that simple!


Associate your brand with the best eCig related publications both online and print.

Gain side-by-side presence with other products in their reviews, blog posts and deals

Develop a repour with enthusiasts and personalities in the vaping community that can organically aid your brand’s reputation and presence.


We build a marketing strategy for your business from the ground-up.

We use previous campaigns to backstop, highlight & understand unsuccessful attempts to analyze, understand and adapt moving forward.

Advertiser provides banners or we create them for you, then the campaign begins.

eCigMedia provides analytics including impressions served, click through rate and optimization as our campaign continues together.

Get in touch with us and we’ll work with you on how we can collectively grow your brand.

We price spaces across our network at a monthly flat rate.

Advertisements DIRECT

Advertise your company directly on eCigMedia publishing websites

TARGET new Customers

Engage with customers & visitors across the web.


Reach your audience through eCigMedia publishing sites.


Campaigns are created specifically to your surrounding area, store, traffic, sales volume.


While we excel in publishing with ads, we have a vast knowledge of expertise ranging from web services & branding to merchandising & marketing.

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