Effective Design Tips for a Great Vaping Website

It goes without saying visual design is a major aspect of your vape website or social media platforms. An eye-catching design can make or break the look of your site, and even the credibility at times.

Users trust a site that shows a company is both knowledgeable in their content but also looks great and is easy to navigate. Let’s break down the best things you can do to give your vaping site a great design that’s customized to you. 

Focus on Your Niche Audience

Vaping can reach a wide audience, but finding new customers starts with nurturing the customers that you already reach. 

Shopify highlights here why it’s important to stick to your niche market first:

When it’s time to actually market your product, remember to hone in on your specific audience’s needs and commonalities. What makes this niche market different from the broader market, and how can you appeal specifically to their wants, needs, and preferences?”

Think of what your customers are into: what products are most popular on the website? Create graphics that lead your users directly to what’s trending and what is popular. Stick to as little text as possible on the website other than menus and article titles. 

Check Out Your Team of Influencers – And the Competition

A classic marketing strategy that is always effective and should be practiced constantly is checking out what your competitors are up to. 

Influencers play such a key role in social media, which is mainly about the visual content. Look at the visuals and photography they’re using. Influencers and content creators typically create online trends, and checking social media posts on vaping and the vape products you’re marketing helps you stay ahead of the curve and in trend.

Your competitors’ content are also a good resource to see what’s trending and what is effective design. Take a look at some of the most popular vaping and e-cig websites and what their design choices are. Everything from font, colour, navigability, and the amount of text on the page are all important visual aspects of a website. 

Zac Johnson says it’s important to look in on your competitors advertising and design:

“If you’ve given consideration to vape advertising, you might not be aware of all the different ways you can promote your shop and connect with others. It all comes down to making the most of your resources and tracking where you generate the most interest. Take a look at what the competition is doing, then figure out how to do it even better, and also localize and target your audience as best as possible.”

Take Your Own Photos and Create a Stock Library

Visuals and photos are key to effective website design. But what if you’re lacking photos other than the generic product photos? This is where a stock photo library comes in. 

Stock photos are a great resource for social media posting and creating images and graphics for your website. If you own a brick-and-mortar vape shop store, get a high-quality camera and take photos of the outside and inside of the shop. This brings that personable quality online that in-person customers are used to and further drives home your shop branding. 

Whether it’s your physical shop or an online store, take your products and a couple of friends or employees and plan a photoshoot. Take pictures of close-ups of products, photos of people vaping, smoke – anything that looks visually appealing to you. Afterwards, you’ll have potentially hundreds of photos to choose from when designing your website. 

This video by SLR Lounge breaks down how to best photograph smoke and fog to get a cool look: 

It can be a bend to figure out what marketing strategies to take next or how you can improve your vaping business.

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