Effective Ways to Use Display Ads for E-Cig Marketing

            For a new e-cig and vaping business that’s just gaining an online presence, getting new customers to visit your website can be a challenge. In an ever-competitive and growing market, gaining that traction to trend on social media or get the attention of influencers is the goal. Figuring out where to start is the ultimate obstacle to overcome.

            A great way to start out your online advertising is through display ads. These are short advertisements that run on websites. You’re definitely familiar with them as they run as a banner or text on most webpages. It’s often the first thing an internet surfer will see on a webpage, so how do you make a good impression? Let’s go through some easy and effective things to keep in mind when you’re making a display ad for your vaping marketing.

Be Concise with Ad Text

            Display ads are often very short pieces, as the sizing of them are often just a banner or square ad. So, you want to be as clear and concise with your language as possible. This is where great and effective marketing can come in.

            If it’s a specific product you’re selling, just highlight the key point of that product. At the very least, it could be as simple as a beautiful close-up image, and at most, it could be the product image and a key feature about it.

            If it’s a general ad for your vape shop, consider what the most appealing aspect of your shop is, and work with that. The most effective marketing strategy is highlighting what you’ve got to offer new visitors, so show them what makes your vaping shop great. 

Warren Duff for SendGrid points out that one of the benefits of display advertising is advanced tracking:

As with other forms of digital advertising, display advertising is very trackable. When your ads are live, you’ll know exactly how many times your ad was displayed, how many times it was clicked, and you can then link those actions to activities on your website like purchases.”

The More Niche the Audience, the Better

Often, marketers will try to appeal to the most people as possible for an ad. For a display ad, especially one for a vaping or e-cig shop, the more niche the audience, the better. Being too general can actually make your ad seem bland and dull. Having a bit of personality and targeting a very specific audience, whether that be certain types of smokers, an age group, etc., can be more effective, and it can actually help you corner certain markets.

 Decide not only what you’re going to write on the ad, but also consider the design, and where you’ll be showing the ads. Do some market research for your niche audience and see what kinds of websites they’re visiting the most.

Joe Martinez tells WordStream that display advertising on Google is also cost-effective:

Google gives us some great tools to better help small businesses find out who their best performing customers are and how to reach more users just like them. Staying on top of a user’s mind can lead to more people searching for your brand name or going directly to your site later on. And as more people are familiar with your brand and trust your brand, the better off all of your search campaigns will be.”

Include a Call to Action

A key aspect to marketing is including a call to action. It can be as simple as a button that says “Shop now” or “See more.” This entices the viewer to click and visit your vaping website.

To make your call of action more effective, highlight what’s great about your shop or product first. The call to action is often the final thing the viewer should see, so it’s usually at the right or bottom-middle of the ad.

Web influencer Neil Patel provides his advice on creating better display ads:

To create better display ads, focus on brand awareness. Try developing high-quality lead magnet offers on Facebook and creating a custom funnel from awareness to purchase. Display ads and search ads are both great for driving sales. All you have to do is provide the right offer and creative for each.”

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