How Social Media Challenges Can Boost Your E-Cig Business

There are tons of ways to up your vaping social media game on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. Whether it’s through a great marketing strategy, collaborating with vaping influencers, or posting about up-and-coming vape products, a combination of these methods can help you gain more clout on social media.

There’s also a method that’s becoming more popular and can get you trending weekly, and that’s through hosting a social media challenge.

What is a Social Media Challenge?

A social media challenge works by posting a photo prompt on your page, and creating a hashtag for it. Invite your followers to follow the prompts and post their own content. There are tons of opportunities here, with people making their own creative photos, to making the challenge work as a contest to win some vaping products. Challenges are where you can get really creative for your vaping page.

With a social media challenge, you can attract potential new followers to your vape shop, show new products that are available week by week, and encourage social media users, influencers or not, to make their own content. 

TechMaish gives some great suggestions on how to attract more attention from your followers on social media:

Keeping social media followers engaged is crucial for the sustainability and growth of your online presence. Ask open-ended questions, host contests, and mention followers to keep conversations rolling for as long as possible. Remember, social networking growth may not happen overnight; it can take days, weeks, or months of hard work to achieve this particular goal.”

Create Weekly Challenges and Easy Prompts

It’s important to have a consistent posting schedule on your vaping page so that followers know when to expect a new challenge. Post the challenge on your stories and as a post and create a hashtag for the week.

Each challenge can include daily picture opportunities or just one interesting challenge for the entire week. This can be your decision based on what kind of content you want to do that week. As a vape shop, you should also post your own content and repost anybody who follows your challenge to your page or your stories. Often, the easier the prompt, the more likely vapers who aren’t famous influencers will do it.

HootSuite points out this great example of a social media challenge from Burger King:

A call for user-generated content is a surefire way to generate buzz. Especially if the call is specific, easy-to-follow, and realistic for enough followers to complete. Before launching a new chicken burger last September, Burger King UK knew it would have to address its ‘checkered chicken past.’ So the company asked people to share photos of themselves taking a bite out of an imaginary burger using the #BK20KBITE for a chance to be paid £20,000 to taste-test the real thing.”

Shout-Out Followers

Working with Instagram influencers is great and all, but if you’re a vape brand people shop at, they love to see actual customers on their page. This is where a social media challenge comes in handy.

If more of your followers are posting content and tagging you or the challenge hashtag, then share it on your page. Whether that’s through stories or directly reposting on your feed, they’ll appreciate that you gave them a shout-out.

As well, a social media challenge shows you the level of engagement your followers are on social media. If they’re into your brand and love the challenge, you’ll most likely see a lot of posts that are fun and creative.

Alfred Lua, product marketing for Buffer, says to make sure to schedule time into your day to post on social media for the most effective and creative feed:

It’s great to jump onto any comments immediately and give a prompt reply. If it doesn’t disrupt to your workflow, you should probably keep it up! But for many of us who wear multiple hats, constantly stopping our work to reply to a comment can affect our productivity (unless your main role is to reply and help customers on social media).”

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