How to Rank your Vape Site Higher in Google

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We’ve spent a lot of time talking about elements of successful vape advertising campaigns, such as creating effective banners and landing pages. As you may have guessed, there are many other elements to success, and perhaps none more important to sustained success than proper Search Engine Optimization, or SEO for short.

SEO in the simplest terms possible represents how favorable your website is to search engines like Google, or whatever else weird people use. There are many natural factors that will increase your SEO value, such as the age of your site (which makes it more trusted in Google’s eyes) and posting quality content. The higher your SEO rankings, the more likely you’re to appear in the top pages of Google’s search results.

Beyond that, search engines consider how many vaping backlinks you have to your site involving the keywords in question. The idea being that vaping sites that are linked to often involving certain search terms are more reputable than sites without said links.

Now, of course you can build a site, make good content and hope that people find you and link to it, and if you’re lucky, maybe within five to ten years you’ll be on the first page of Google! However, most people in the vaping world can’t afford to wait that long, especially with competitive terms like “cheap ejuice” or “best ejuice” etc.

Some folks have employees that are specifically dedicated to SEO. These employees are specially trained in writing high quality SEO rich content, and finding sites to host their articles to build these backlinks These dedicated in-house employees or teams are too expensive for the majority of folks in the vaping industry.

Others try more black hat solutions (shady tactics that will boost short term gain but Google will punish with penalties) for a quick fix, but this isn’t a valid long-term solution. Beyond search engines frowning upon this tactic, many of the people that run these shady services are just as likely to steal your money.

So what’s a cost effective and squeaky clean solution to boost your organic traffic and rankings? I’d recommend hiring a company that specializes in vaping SEO, like EcigMedia. Our SEO service is inexpensive, and doesn’t employ shady tactics that will be ineffective in the long run.

How does the EcigMedia SEO service work? First, our team will speak with you about your company, and get a good sense of what defines you. Specifically, we’ll dive into your story, and the pertinent details that might be woven into articles about you.

Once we get a sense of your business, we’ll talk overall strategy. Specifically, we’ll ask questions like what vaping keyword terms or product categories are you planning to rank higher for? What are the challenges your business has faced in trying to sell certain vape products? What pages on your site would you like to rank higher? Once we have gathered this information, we’ll craft you a custom SEO strategy that features a list of keywords and URLs that our team will focus on boosting.

From there, our team of writers will create your custom and unique SEO content rich articles. We’ll focus on your keywords and URL’s, but do so in a completely organic and professional way that search engines love. We customize each article for each site to ensure that the content is always unique!

From there, we post the articles on sites in our vape network – these sites have to host vaping content and have a high Page Rank (algorithm used by Google to rank sites.) Once the articles are posted on the sites, we’ll send an entire list over for you to review. If you don’t like the content or website, we’ll make it right!

SEO is absolutely a game of patience, especially since you’re building for the long term. However, in time, you’ll notice a rise in traffic for your chosen terms and URLs in your analytics, and you’ll be able to trace it back to our work! If that sounds too good to be true, we have several examples of companies that have used our services and their resulting rankings increase that you can check out!
If you’d like to get more details about our SEO services, please call 844-324-4633 EXT 2, or email

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