How to Rank Your Vaping Site Higher On Google In 2020

The online competition in the vaping industry can feel crowded. A key component to being a stand-out vaping site is by being readily available to people through Google searches. 

If someone, especially a new customer, searches for vaping websites, they will get a wide array of results. 

Almost everyone will not go past the second page of results on Google. This is why if you want your vaping site to generate more traffic and get more customers, being a top search result on Google is so important. 

Luckily, there are people who have figured out the way Google prioritizes certain websites over others. And they require some careful tweaks to your website, but can go a long way. Here’s some things you can do to improve your website to be prioritized by Google search.

Write For Appropriate Audiences Using Keywords

Keywords can help Google recognize what it is that makes your vaping website legitimate and is actually talking about what it’s advertising. If you have a list of products available on your website, write about them in blog posts or in their product descriptions. 

You can use online keyword generators to find what keywords people commonly search for on Google. Then, reflect that in your work.

The marketing team at Optimum 7 says that making the effort to write with keywords is what will help make your site a stand-out: 

These efforts can put you at the top of an image search, a video query, on the map that appears above the organic results, or show the user a link to a recent blog post on that exact topic. The target audience for online vape shops can appreciate all of these media results, so be sure to include the SEO optimized copy in the captions, the blog copy, and the descriptions.”

Use Original Content and Visuals 

In the process of adjusting your vaping website to fit online search criteria, make sure to include as much original content as you can. Having original content actually helps rank your vaping site higher on Google because you’re telling the system that your content is being made by real people and not internet bots. 

Ideas for making original content can include blog posts, photos, and videos. Add more than just product photos and customer photos onto your website. Look into any creative photoshoots you can do with local artists, or videos with your team on new vaping products and bestsellers. 

Backlinko explains why using fresh, original images can help you link higher on Google:

If you want to show up as a visual search result, image SEO is key. And just like with “normal” SEO, it’s important to use descriptive file names and write alt text for every image. But that’s just the first step. According to Google, they want to feature Google Image results from pages that are authoritative.”

Seek Outside Marketing Advice

Sometimes, trying all possible methods available to you may not be enough. In that case, seek the advice of marketing professionals who can help you increase your ranking on Google search engines. 

Remember that online marketing teams offer a wealth of knowledge and experience specifically for your online website strategies. They can adjust and customize their service to fit your needs. 

Neil Patel emphasizes to remember that as important as using SEO is, it’s important to remember who you’re writing it for: 

Don’t prioritize search engines over the actual humans reading your work. Instead, write content for the user, people who have eyes to read and credit cards to purchase your product. Search spiders are just scripts — they don’t buy products, they don’t engage with you on social media, and they won’t become a loyal customer.”

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