How to Run Paid Ads on Facebook in the Vape Industry

We’re not denying that it is difficult to run Facebook Ads when you’re a part of the vape and e-cigarette industry – however, it is not impossible. We’re going to take a look at how you can use mission marketing to run paid ads on Facebook when you belong to an industry that’s deemed as “controversial” to advertisers. We’ll also talk about the steps you need to take to get you there and ways that you can support your new mission statement. It truly all comes down to putting a different spin on your vape and e-cigarette products, so why not give it a shot?

Create an Anti-Cigarette Movement with Mission Marketing

If the ability to run ads on Facebook is important to you (and it should be, with still nearly 2.45 billion monthly active users) taking a different approach in your vape and e-cigarette marketing tactic is going to be key. Don’t even try to get your Facebook ads approved that simply advertise your vape products for sale – they’ll immediately get denied and you’ll have put forth the effort for nothing.

If you wish to get your ads approved, you need to think outside the box. We know the reasons behind why advertisements for vaping and e-cigarettes are being denied. However, how can we get around that?

The answer to this question, is by putting a different spin on it. There is no denying that vaping and e-cigarettes can help you quit smoking traditional cigarettes. In fact, Juul Labs has caused a stir with their switch in marketing campaign, that targets this very concept – and they are achieving massive success as a result.

Annika Neklason of The Atlantic talks about the campaign that has allowed Juul Labs to advertise on nearly every available platform:

“Out of a firestorm of controversy over teen nicotine use, Juul Labs emerged in January with a newly sober and adult marketing identity. Forget the fruit-flavored vaping pods, the colorful ads populated with young models, the viral Instagram and Facebook posts. What the Silicon Valley e-cigarette giant is really about, its $10 million television ad campaign declares, is helping cigarette smokers shake their cigarette addictions and get healthy.”

Create a Facebook Group Supporting Your Mission

Creating a Facebook group where the sole purpose is to collect smokers that are looking to quit smoking cigarettes is your next step. It’s important to keep in mind that this tactic isn’t about manipulating the public to purchase products from you. Both yourself and your company need to strongly believe in this mission – otherwise it’s going to come off as insincere. Gather the statistics behind vaping and e-cigarettes for quitting smoking and see for yourself if this is something you believe in and can stand behind as a way of life.

Creating a Facebook group is a great way for those with a common mission to come together and feel like part of a community. And in the process of coming together, they will engage with your products and services, where they will begin to associate their new anti-smoking lifestyle with your brand.

Lisa Wheatly of shares her thoughts on what makes Facebook groups so affective in a SMM campaign:

Use Storytelling to Share Your Own Story on Quitting Smoking

It’s important to get the ball rolling and start discussing your own story about how you used e-cigarettes and vaping to quit smoking. You want to build up authority within your Facebook group and establish that you know what you’re talking about – after all, it did work for you.

In an online world where there are thousands of articles that point out the negative side of vaping, it’s important to point out the positives. Get the discussion going on why there are positive sides to vaping. This can not only be supported by your own personal story, but by posting articles that support what you’re saying.

Regardless of whether or not vaping and e-cigarettes have no negative side effects at all, they can help you quit smoking traditional cigarettes. Telling your own story is invaluable in establishing a sense of trust with your audience and encouraging them to tell their own stories.

Kimberley A. Whitler of talks about why storytelling is so affective as a marketing strategy:

“Storytelling is a powerful method for learning. As marketers, we should always be seeking to learn more about the world we live in, the brands that we represent, and the consumers that we serve. One of the things that is unique about stories is that they transmit knowledge and meaning. We learn from observations, first-hand experiences, and by sharing those experiences through stories.”

We understand that putting a new spin on your vape or e-cigarette brand can be a challenge. Even if it is worth it, the thought of remarketing your entire brand sounds exhausting. This is where EcigMedia can help.

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