How To Start a Vape Shop Online

Starting up an online vape store can be a profitable activity, and can certainly be fun if you have a passion for the product. The vaping industry brings in a huge amount of traffic, with hundreds of thousands searching for vape products online, per month. Having said that, it takes a good amount of work to launch an online vape store, due to the legalities that come along with these types of products. So how can you ensure that you’re setting yourself up for success? We’re going to take you through some of the most important aspects of starting an online vape store, so you know what’s truly involved. 

Costs and Legalities

Let us just first say this – if you’re not willing to look into the costs, legalities, and further business aspects of opening up an online vape store, then you shouldn’t be starting one. Due to the type of product, there’s going to be more involved than if you sold a more family friendly product. You’ll first need a lawyer approval letter before you’ll be considered for a merchant’s account. This will also involve setting up your store, and understanding the vaping age requirements for each state.

Vape Mentors tell us more about the costs you need to consider before even starting your online vape store:

“Another thing you’ll need when starting an online vape store is a $29/month subscription to Shopify. Shopify is an online eCommerce cart that has done most of the legwork for you in web designing your site. You’ll have to fill in the details and add products, but Shopify is almost fully functional right off the bat, and they have the ability to take credit cards built into their cart as long as you have done the legal legwork to get the merchant’s account.”

Deciding on a Domain Name

Not only do you want to come up with a catchy name for your online vape company, but you’ll need to consider the SEO implications of it. You want your store to be one of the first that pops up when a potential customer searches you in Google. You want your domain name to not only directly state relevant vaping keywords right in its name, but you’ll want it and you also want it to be an easy to remember name that people will love.

Home Business Magazine talks about why coming up with a good domain name can be crucial to your success:

“If you are new to the online scene, it is important that learn more about internet marketing. It is almost impossible to succeed if you do not have a good domain name. Google is a search engine you need to be taking advantage of. It will provide you with your highest source of traffic. When people search for vaping companies, you need yours to be one of the ones that come up. You must be wondering if I am selling a product, should customers buy whether I have a good domain name or not? Well, think about it this way, what websites do you visit often? Do you always have to go to Google to search for them? No, most likely, you just identify their domain name on the search engine and go to their website directly. That is the difference between a good domain name and a bad one.”

Know How to Market Your Brand

Knowing how to market your brand is crucial when it comes to any business, but is especially true when it comes to a vaping product. No matter how much time and energy you put into building your site, this won’t matter if nobody is able to find it. This is why it’s incredibly important to pay attention to your web design, SEO, and online marketing.

Business Partner Magazine explains why knowing how to market your brand is crucial to your success:

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