How to Use SEO for Your Vape Business

If you’re looking for more visitors to your vape storefront, you have probably tried setting up an online shop. For some vape businesses, an online shop is the only way they operate. Working online, you have probably heard plenty of tactics to get more visitors and customers to find your site. One of the best and most effective ways to improve your visitor count is by using Search Engine Optimization Technology (SEO). Let’s break down what SEO is and how you can use it for your vape business. 

Use Keywords

The vaping market can be intense and competitive, especially online, which is why it’s important to use SEO. Find an SEO software or personalized service that works for you, and a list of keywords will be generated for your business. This will show you what keywords users are looking up on Google (or other search engines) and what words you’ll need to include in your website or on your social media posts.

The Business Development Bank of Canada gives this tip for having the right SEO for your website:

“Remember you’re competing against other companies for attention online from prospective customers. To rise above the pack in web searches for your industry, look for words that correspond to your market differentiators such as your unique offerings or geographic location.”

Don’t Just Focus on Keywords

Generating a keyword list is really just a starting platform to build your vape website. If you get a list of words about vaping, e-cigs, and other products, you should try to integrate it into your content. Also, see if any keywords are worth making their own content about. If you run an online vape shop, create a blog page on your website where you can write posts with these keywords featured.

Mindy Weinstein at Search Engine Journal has this advice for helping your website rank higher using SEO:

“On-page optimization is more than just putting keywords on the page. You must develop quality content that is properly structured using natural characteristics for the targeted keywords. Use every reasonable (i.e., non-spammy) opportunity to add your targeted keywords appropriately on your website.”

SEO Is About Branding

SEO may be a hard concept to grasp, but it really is just a way for you to get your vape business to the forefront of an internet search. The best and most efficient way to be a top search on Google is by using SEO keywords into your content consistently and often. Being consistent on your online content creation, whether it’s through social media or blog posting, establishes your branding. Your vape business becomes more well-known and builds the trustworthiness of your brand. Visitors to your vape website will know that the vape and e-cig products you carry come with the know-how behind it.

Neil Patel points out that SEO actually has a bit of storytelling element to it when it comes to branding your vape business:

“We relate to stories because, as humans, we are hardwired to listen to stories. That’s why brand stories are a powerful means of internet marketing for your business. If you can carry your brand story well, you will be able to engage different senses in your user’s minds and help to raise brand awareness in a truly visceral, effective manner.”

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