How to Work with Social Media Influencers in the Vape Industry

Being an active part of the vape and e-cigarette industry, you’re aware of the fact that Instagram has cracked down on what sorts of products influencers can be paid to promote – and unfortunately, vaping and e-cigarette products are high on that list. However, there arestill ways that you can work with social media influencers in the vape industry. It just requires a little thinking outside the box. We’re going to talk about ways you can still advertise your products with social media influencers in an industry that’s deemed as controversial to most social media platforms.

Why Still Try to Advertise with Influencers?

You may be wondering why you should even still try to advertise with influencers. Wouldn’t it just be easier to just call it quits? Not in a world where 8 out of 10 customers have purchased a product after seeing it recommended by a social media influencer. And while you may not be a follower of social influencers, there’s certainly something to be said for advertising to those who are.

Joel Mathew, president of Fortress Consulting Group talks about why advertising through influencers is so effective on

Gifting Products Over Branded Posts

While Instagram in particular has made headlines for prohibiting the paid advertisements of vape and e-cigarette products from influencers, this does not mean you should give up on promoting your products on this platform – there are simply other ways to do it.

Instagram has specifically prohibited “branded content” when it comes to vape and e-cigarette products. This implies that the influencers have partnered up with the product or business and is getting paid to advertise their products. The influencer is then required to report to Instagram that they are in a paid partnership with this brand. However, what if you gifted the product to the influencer and there was no exchange of goods?

Octoly talks about the benefits of gifting products to influencers over branded posts:

“While influencer marketing can be expensive, many brands don’t realize that they can simply gift their products to influencers instead of paying them to create branded posts. Those influencers can then feel free to create genuine, personalized reviews for their audiences – ultimately driving brand awareness and conversions.”

Facebook and Instagram Live

A popular way of promoting products that are considered prohibited on social media platforms is by doing so over a live platform, such as Facebook and Instagram live – and this can apply to influencers promoting your products as well.

If an influencer has a large audience, odds are they are going to have thousands of potential customers viewing their livestreams. There are no rules about disclosing sponsored livestreams and no ready and available option to do so as there is with Instagram’s Instastories and regular posts. With Facebook still being the most widely used social media platform out there, there are many benefits of sponsoring an influencer to mention your product in their Facebook Live stream.

Marcus Ho of SearchEngineJournal talks about the benefits of using Facebook Live to promote products deemed as prohibited:

“Live videos can attract a healthy volume of audiences on Facebook, and it can be particularly helpful to address a set of common objections that audiences might have about your products and services. So, consider running a “Ask me Anything” Facebook Live session. Plus, such activities can be great for drawing social media engagement, which should help in raising the organic reach of your future posts too.”

Due to the fact that this social media crack down is still a relatively recent change, you may be a little confused on the best way to go about this – we get it. If you’re still unclear about the technicalities involved in influencers promoting your vape and e-cigarette products, EcigMedia is here to help.

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