Keys to Creating the Best Landing Page for your Vape Products

With Spring just around the corner and campaigns starting to pick up for EcigMedia, let’s take a look at what makes a successful vaping landing page! Before we can do that, however, I’d like to talk about a critical part of the sales process: trust.

When EcigMedia customers come to our landing pages, they’ll often be attracted by a vaping offer, but in order to change someone from a lead to a customer, we need to ensure that they trust the product will be quality and that it was money well spent.

One way we can build trust is by showing clearly on any of the following landing page options that we have a quality guarantee or a generous return policy if the customer is not satisfied. Even better in my mind is clearly labeled social proof in the form of customer comments or reviews!
That being said, landing pages on our vaping network seem to fall into three categories: home pages, product pages, and custom landing pages.

Home pages, typically your first greeting to the prospective customers, can be a fine landing page for an advertisement with a few caveats. For one, does your e-juice or vape banner revolve around a specific product or general products on your site? In the case of specific products, the home page may not be the best choice unless it’s relatively simple to find. In terms of trust, many companies use scrolling review/customer feedback to show that their product is well liked!

Second, it’s important to take an honest look at your home page to see if it maximizes opportunities for conversions. For example, are your central vape and e-juice products above the fold? Is pricing information easily visible? Is navigating the page simple? If you’re not sure, EcigMedia would be more than happy to take a look for you and give you an honest opinion (free of charge of course!)

Product pages are typically a very effective option, especially if the ad is specific. For instance, focusing it on your cheap e-juice or best vape-pen. There’s not much downside to taking a prospective customer directly to the offer in question. On that note, it’s my personal preference that when using a specific product banner in conjunction with a product page to not use a coupon code. Some folks can remember the coupon code from the banner, but if you can hit them with that price that drew them in the first place, that is much more effective.

Furthermore, product pages can be a smorgasbord of social proof if there is some sort of rating system or comment section. It can be intimidating to let customers rate your vape and e-juice products, but if you truly stand behind the quality of what you’re doing, the cream will rise to the top!

Lastly, if you want to get really involved, you can create a custom landing page that focuses exclusively on the product or offer. In other industries we often see these pages touting the benefits of the product or using social proof to attract new buyers. Vaping is no different!

If you’re selling a vape mod or vaporizer device, what sort of features set it apart from the crowd? What might your typical vaping customer look like for such a product? Hone your message and bullet points on the page around this concept. Video demonstration of features or a product review would go a long way towards building the social proof you need to make a conversion.

E-juice may be a bit harder, but it’s nothing that a little creativity can’t solve. First and foremost focus on a great price if that’s the strength (using terms like “Cheap Vape Juice” or “Best E-juice Deals” is always eye-catching). Beyond that focus on quality of ingredients, flavor profile, social proof of people that have tried it, and maybe even an introductory offer to save them some money on their first purchase. Again, if there are vape product reviews online that you may share on this page, that would go a long way towards building trust with your customers.

In the end, I’ve seen every variety of landing page work well for a campaign. However, that’s not to say that it’s easy to avoid making critical missteps that could make your performance soar!

That’s why at EcigMedia, we go through every step of the process with our clients, from banner design, to landing page, to evaluating your campaign performance on a daily basis. Of course, as I mentioned above, we’d be happy to take a look at your site, banners, and landing pages free of charge and offer you some feedback!

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