50 Vaping Guest Posts - Get Your Brand/Product Reviewed on 50 Different Vaping Websites

Last modified: October 2, 2017


50 VAPING WEBSITES                         50 REVIEWS/ARTICLES                            $1500

We have arranged 50 popular vaping websites that will include your brand or products links in their articles/reviews. From these sponsored reviews/articles your brand or product will receive 100 backlinks

Offer Includes :

  • 50 High Quality individual and unique Vaping websites;
  • SEO Optimized Content – This will help you get noticed and get more traffic!
  • Experienced vaping reviewer will write your review;
  • Written in a unique voice;
  • Useful and researched based sponsored review within 600-700 words ;
  • Niche related images as part of post;
  • Permanent 2 urls Back links from 1 unique article that means total of 50 permanent links from 25 separate , unique and valued vaping sites that will appears natural ,relative and valued;
  • All links are Contextual Do Follow links for maximum effect;
  • Unique IP addresses;
  • Live and well maintained quality websites;
  • Large diversity of vaping web platforms used: Reviews , articles, web directories, blogs ..
  • Extremely cheap (expect to pay $2k – $4k for a similar service with any other marketing company);
  • Guaranteed to leave you 100% satisfied.

About content:

  • 2 URLs included into article (specified by you)

Using this service makes it easy to get high quality backlinks from within the vaping industry at an affordable price. 

Please Note!

These reviews are created for  human readership. And yes, they are not spammy. In fact, they are of extremely high quality and get posted directly to our high quality publisher websites on our network. You need to ensure that the page you are optimizing contains the relevant key words. If your page is about XYZ ELIQUID then your key word should naturally be XYZ ELIQUID or similar. 

If you have any questions, feel free to message us.””The offer is limited to 10 ordersWe are offering a featured

FAQ ::

Do you offer other packages?

How can this service help you?

  • Works great for SEO by providing 1 way backlinks to your product or service from vaping websites.
  • We all know how hard it is to get good backlinks in the vaping industry. Most SEO services end up getting low quality backlinks from non-vaping related websites or spammy web 2.0 properties. This is not good for your brand or your rankings.
  • Our service provides unique content on vaping websites so that your backlinks appear very natural.
  • Provides favorable reviews/news about your product or service.
  • If you have a new product and need some reviews.
  • If you have negative reviews that you would like to push out of the first page of google.
  • Creates traffic to your website.
  • All of your reviews will automatically shared and social in social marketing sites in a timely manner that will buzz your brand socially
  • All new reviews are drip fed to indexers over a 15-day period for all activity to appear natural to the search engines;

How Many Urls / Backlinks should I expect?

  • You will receive at least 100 backlinks for your brand from 50 vaping websites. All links will point to your desired url(s) and also some other related vaping resources. This avoids over-optimization and keeps things natural.

How Long Will It Take Until I Receive My Vape Backlinks?

  • The whole process will take around 15 days only. Once your campaigns have finished running, we will send you a message containing all the URLs of your brand review articles.


Niche Link?

How to build quality backlinks without spamming – Backlink strategy 2017

Thank you.


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