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Making the most of your site can be tough. Don’t take time away from your product, people or brand, that’s what were here for!

Become a publisher and earn passively.

Built for Performance

Our ads run on the Amazon Cloud Servers, so they’re lightning-fast. Your site’s load times, or quality experience won’t change, but your revenues will.

Full Control

When it comes to your site, you’re always in control. You have total control to change the when, where, and who the ads are served to on your site.


With our ad software, you can watch your earnings and site performance in real-time. Experience how different ads perform on different parts of your site.

Brand Security

You’ve worked hard on your site’s reputation; we’ll make sure it’s protected. You’ll never see an ad run on your site that you haven’t approved, and you’ll never have to worry about ads putting what you’ve built in jeopardy.

Never Feel Alone

We offer personalized support for the needs of your site and business. We’re available to answer questions and resolve issues by phone, email, or in person. Talk to a real person right away and never feel like you’re without help.

Become A Partner

Once we’ve received your information, we’ll review it and get back to you with further instructions on creating your account.

Start Publishing

Welcome partner! You’ll have access to our dashboard where you can get ad codes to load onto your site and track your earnings. Simply approve the advertisers you wish to work with and load the ad code onto your site. We’ll be there to help you every step of the way or assist in any way needed.

Watch your Earnings Grow

Once your advertisers are approved and the code is functioning on your site, we’ll handle the rest. We ensure the campaigns are functioning as planned and any new advertiser demands are being addressed. You just have to sit back and watch your earnings grow.


With our network, your site earns more by running relevant, effective advertising from the vast eCig industry. There’s no need to hassle with talking to different advertisers, soliciting ads or the back and forth or dealing with advertisers.

Simply choose the companies you’d like to work with & let us handle the rest. Your site will earn more while you spend your time working on more important things: Product, People.


You’ll always receive payments biweekly, on time, and can depend on us to resolve any issues with payments immediately.


Our network is designed with the concerns of publishers in mind. With our ad selection, you’ll never have to worry about running ads that diminish the quality of your brand


Our advertiser demand size varies within the industry, across all product types. Whatever your audience, whatever your preference, you can find ads that fit your site. Small businesses, eCommerce, Brick and Mortar, Fortune 100 alike!

Earn More

You’ve worked hard to build your space online. Your content, design, brand, & image have been carefully shaped and built over time. You deserve to earn more for what you’ve built.

Monetizing your site can be a pain – there’s a world of advertisers and methods to choose from, all with specific requirements. On top of that, you have to worry that running advertisements might cause you to lose quality or control over your site.

Together, we can put your site to work for you. The ads we serve are customized for each site based on desired revenue and brand safety. You’re always in control of the ads your site is running, we just take care of the hard part.

Keep It Simple (Stupid)

The age-old KISS! We keep it simple by organizing all of these into one easy to use platform. Our team will help you reach your goal whether it’s maximizing revenue, earning on specific parts of your site, or just connecting with others in the industry.

We’ll put your site to work for you, so that you can spend more time on the big picture.

Simple Scales, Fancy Fails!

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