Keeps your brand in front of your customers virtually anywhere on the web. You determine which of your visitors you’d like to show advertisements to: new or past customers, by location or products and pages viewed. Retargeting is our most affordable advertising service and even better when you compare our prices with a larger media company.

Get started today and discover how easy and affordable growing your e-cigarette business can be.

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Getting Started

Starting a retargeting campaign with EcigMedia is a snap, we’ll have your campaign live in just a few steps:
  1. Planning: We’ll work with you to design a campaign with your goals in mind.
  2. Setup: You’ll receive custom code for your site to start building a retargeting list.
  3. Budget: Set a budget for your campaign based on the number of visitors you’d like to reach and how often.
  4. Launch: Submit payment and creatives (banners) or have us create them for you.


  • Maximize conversion rates by bringing potential customers back in the door.
  • Increase your advertising ROI with a very affordable yet effective ad technology.
  • Bring back past customers for new products and sales.
  • Gain a new channel to reach your entire customer base in real time, all over the web.


Because our retargeting service is built in cooperation with huge ad exchanges, our pricing is and always will be negotiable based on your needs as an advertiser. Request a free consultation today to receive a quote based on your campaign’s demands.


  • Optimization: We’ll optimize your campaign using our extensive experience in retargeting specifically for the e-cigarette and vaping market.
  • Reporting: Receive access to our dashboard with real-time tracking of your campaign reports.
  • Support: Get real help from a real human with your campaign by email, phone or chat.
  • Pre-pay: You set a budget and stick to it, with our platform there’s no need to concern yourself with running over budget.