The Advertiser Dashboard

Hi guys! Brad here, you know, the handsome devil on the far right of the Meet The Team page.

You may have noticed some changes to Ecig Media lately. The most prominent among those being a shiny new website (thanks Stephen!) However, there’s one powerful new tool that you should know about in particular: The Advertiser Dashboard.

The Advertiser Dashboard is a free tool provided by Ecig Media that displays important information on the status of your campaigns like Impressions, Clicks, Click Through Ratio, and more!

Today, I’m going to give you step by step instructions on getting the most out of your dashboard.

Begin by navigating to the dashboard login screen, which you can access by clicking here.

Login with the username and password that were provided to you when you signed up. (Note: If you were not assigned an account or can’t remember your password, no problem! Just shoot us a message, we’ll fix it in a flash.)

On the left panel of the dashboard under Account Settings, click Statistics, and then your company name, in our case Ecig Media.

From here, you’ll see statistics that I mentioned above from the last 14 days by default, but you can change that via the drop down located in the upper right corner. Notice that the graph will be broken down by Impressions in blue, and Projected Impressions in green (although projected are not displayed in this example.)

Here’s a screenshot of our test dashboard:

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