Top E-Cig Social Media Trends in 2020

Trying to predict up-and-coming vaping trends can be confusing. E-juices, liquids, vapes, pods, and other vape products can come and go quickly. Sometimes, the trends stay consistent, like content on smoke puff challenges, or the newest vape model on the market.

Here are some of the top social media trends for e-cig and vaping products this year.

Nicotine Salts

Nicotine salts are a great product to advertise to smoking addicts to help them quit smoking and transition to the safer alternative of vaping. It’s trending this year, which usually happens as more and more people quit traditional cigarette smoking.

To keep up on this trend, look for nicotine salts that you can offer in your vaping shop. Aim your marketing towards people looking to quit smoking or people looking for nicotine alternatives that aren’t your typical drugstore gum.

Here’s what vaping site The Greenfund says on the rising trend of nicotine salts:

Nicotine salts have the highest levels of nicotine than any other smoking product. That being said, these salts are helping smoking addicts to overcome their addiction providing them with a better and safer alternative. High levels of nicotine are indeed injurious to health but experts have not raised the red flags for these salts. It seems that in the coming years the trend of these addictive salts will continue to linger around the vaping community.”

Smaller Vaping Devices

While the die-hard vape users may be fixed on large vaping devices for their battery size and long capacity, more and more users are flocking to small vaping devices. This may be due to their discreet, sleek look that lets you carry it around practically anywhere.

While the battery life may not be as strong as a mod vape, a smaller vaping device is gaining a lot of attention as a trend for both 2019 and 2020.

The Beard Mag says smaller vaping devices are predicted to be a top trend for this year after the popularity in 2019:

“The technology for developing e-cigarettes is getting better, and these devices seem to get smaller. Companies that manufacture vaping devices are expected to come up with even smaller gadgets that will be easier to use discreetly. What’s more, it’s expected that the new devices will be more portable than what’s available in the current market. The popularity of vaping devices like Jull increased in 2019 because they had a slim, USB-like design, and they were easy to carry in a pocket and use discreetly. Therefore, it’s expected that this trend will continue in the manufacture of vaping devices in 2020.”

Marketing & Branding Teams Can Help

If you’re struggling keeping up with online social media content, it’s totally understandable. The world of vaping online is vast and there are thousands of influencers out there on Instagram and YouTube chugging out content. How can you stay on trend and make sure your shop knows how to sell and market new products?

This is where a great marketing team can come in and help you shape your marketing strategy and brand. With outside advice and assistance from marketing experts, you can buff up your social media game and figure out where to look for your target audience, and know what they’re looking for in terms of content.

Here’s what Ecig Media can deliver for your vape business:

Digital marketing in the Vaping industry is extremely difficult. That’s why we’re here. With Ecig Media you can reach over 10 million vapers each and every month. We do the hard work of connecting with all of the top publishers in the industry so you don’t have to. As an Ecig Media customer you’ll receive awesome service, and high quality traffic.”

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