Top Tips for Vape Influencer Campaigning

Whether you’re just starting out your social media strategies or have well-established platforms, a great way to engage with followers is through a social media campaign. A lot of the time, this comes through running a campaign with your network of social media influencers. Since they’re the direct connection between you and your consumers, a campaign can generate a sense of excitement. 

There’s so many ways to get people to react to and stay engaged in your products, and launching an influencer campaign can be very effective. Let’s look through some well-known brands in other industries to see how marketing can work for vaping products. 

Create a Team of “Insiders”

This tip comes straight from clothing company ASOS. Although a very different industry from vaping, the campaigns run on social media can be useful for great lifestyle branding and integrating your product in a seamless and coherent way. The company’s brand marketing involves putting their network of influencers under the same team name of ‘ASOS Insiders.’ 

The ‘Insiders’ are usually fashion, beauty, or lifestyle bloggers, meaning they already have a large and existing audience on their main accounts. This means that the people involved are able to capture more than just the product, offering style tips, behind-the-scenes insight into the brand, and general lifestyle-related content. -Econsultancy

Exploring marketing strategies from other industries can help with that insight into what consumers are looking for in lifestyle branding. Something like creating a name for your network of influencers can drive home your branding. 

Referral Programs & Contests Can Generate More Traffic

On a similar note, Makeup and lifestyle company Glossier created an inclusive, everyday branding through having their influencers use a referral program. Companies that have ultra-personalized products usually have a dedicated community and influencers have a lot of push in what products become popular. This is why Glossier grew so quickly in a matter of years, and it’s why vaping has grown in the last decade as well. 

[Glossier] offers money-off incentives to people who refer the brand over Facebook or Twitter. By using its customers to create a cycle of advocacy, Glossier ensures that its dedicated fan-base continues to expand. Econsultancy

Having influencers start a referral program campaign or a contest giveaway generates user traffic. And with a hashtag or some sort of active program, your company has a higher chance of trending and being able to reach a greater audience. 

Let Influencers Decide What Works For Them

At the end of the day, the influencers you work with are all individuals who create their own content. Ask them questions about the kind of content they like to make to give them more creative control over what they’re posting.

“When you’re investing in sponsored posts, it can be tempting to try to control every aspect of the finished product and replicate what you’ve done before. But that approach can result in content that lacks the influencer’s signature personality. While you should provide influencers with key messaging, remember they became influential by publishing the sort of content that resonates with their followers.” -Travel Mindset

Giving influencers a direction can give them a good idea of where to start. Communicate your key message for the campaign and allow the people you’re working with to create their own content. 

It may be difficult to come up with creative ideas but it’s important to remember the vaping community is active online. Not only are influencers and companies very active on social media, but vaping users are also making content, posting photos, filming videos, writing blogs. There’s a lot of content out there to start new campaigns. 

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