Vape Instagram Hashtags and How to Use Them

If you’re at all familiar with social media, you know what hashtags are – even if you don’t exactly know how to use them. Having said that, did you know that the proper use of hashtags can be invaluable in promoting your vape and e-cigarette business? That’s right, the act of including just a few words with a pound sign next to it can make the difference in whether or not your social media post is seen, which can then turn into some immediate leads. We’re going to take a look at vape Instagram hashtags and how to use them, so you can boost your social media visibility as soon as possible.

The Trend Between Instagram and Vaping

Vape hashtags have seen a massive surge in engagement the past few years – and there’s good reason for that. The majority e-cigarette and vaping users fall between the 18 to 29 years of age range. In fact, statistics show that 85% of those surveyed in the 18-29 age range had tried e-cigarettes or vaping before. Coincidentally, the vast majority of Instagram users fall in this exact same age range.

Peter Suciu of talks about Instagram’s age statistics and its ability to reach Millennials and Generation Z over Facebook:

“Instagram also has appeal to younger adults, far more than Facebook these days. According to data from SproutSocial, 64% of Instagram users are 18-29 years old – but more importantly nearly two out of every three adults in this age group use the service.”

What Can Hashtags Do for Your Vape Business?

Believe it or not, including hashtags in your Instagram, Facebook and Twitter posts is considered a free form of marketing – and boy is it ever affective. It is true that vape and e-cigarette related content is currently not allowed as a paid advertisement on most social media platforms. However, that doesn’t mean that vape hashtags are still not killing it – especially on Instagram.

Kim Walsh Phillips, founder of Powerful Professionals tells us on why hashtags are even more important than followers when it comes to promoting your business:

“A cornerstone requirement of success on Instagram is to grow account followers. I did a lot of testing to see what works and what fails miserably. Ultimately, I found hashtags are the most effective way to grow your account. When it comes to using Instagram for business, it would be foolish not to use hashtags. According to Simply Measured, using even a single hashtag increases post engagement by 12.6 percent. Hashtags are an effective way to drive organic traffic to your content.”

How to Use Vape Hashtags on Instagram

In order to use vape hashtags on Instagram, researching the most used hashtags is a great place to start. This information can easily be found by using the Search feature of your Instagram account, by typing in a vape or e-cigarette related keyword and clicking over to the Tags section. This will tell you exactly which hashtags are being used the most – therefore, which are the most relevant and most likely to get your post seen.

Here are some of the most popular hashtags being used for vaping to get you started, that go beyond the standard #vape or #ecig:

  • #vaping101
  • #vapecommunity
  • #vapers
  • #ecigdeals
  • #vapenation
  • #vapelife
  • #vapecommunity
  • #cloudchasing/#cloudchaser

While Instagram seems to be the only social media platform that doesn’t follow the “less is more” rule when it comes to hashtag use, you still want to make sure that you don’t overuse them. Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags per post, which may seem excessive. However, there is good reason behind this inclusion of multiple hashtags.

Neil Patel of tells us:

When it comes to vape Instagram hashtags, there’s a lot to know on how many to use, which will trigger the best results and how to research competitors to make sure that you’re not missing something. Our SEO services are tailored to how to market e-cigarette and vape products online – so what we’re saying, is we already know all of this stuff and have done the research so you don’t have to.

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