Vape Mods vs. Vape Pens: What’s the Difference?

You may have heard of both vape mods and vape pens, but have no idea what to try. After all, there are an abundance of choices available when it comes to both – and truthfully, you’re not entirely sure what the difference is between the two. Well, we’ve got you covered. We’re going to discuss the difference between vape mods and vape pens, so you can decide which suits your vaping needs best.

Vape Pens

Vape pens are by far more common than vape mods, and are about the size of a large ink pen. You’re much more likely to see vape pens commercially sold, including in convenience stores and gas stations. Vape pens are sometimes confused for e-cigarettes, which is not always the case. Interestingly enough, e-cigarettes are a form of vape pens, while not all vape pens are e-cigarettes.

Dave Kriegel of gives us a detailed explanation of what vape pens are all about:

“A vape pen is a power source that heats up a vape tank or cartridge to produce vapor. They’re rechargeable battery-powered devices that are pocket-sized and cylindrical – hence, the name “pen.” Vape pens first hit the e-cigarette scene around 2010 from a company called Janty, then shortly after were popularized by Joyetech. This device revolutionized the vaporizer market by offering larger battery capacity and longer running times, as well as providing the user with the ability to swap atomizers or cartridges. Prior to vape pens, e-cigarettes were small self-contained units in the shape and size of a cigarette.”

Vape Mods

If you are new to vaping, you are less likely to have heard of a vape mod over a vape pen. A vape mod is essentially an enhanced version of a vape pen and was created in order to expand on certain features, including its vapor production. gives us the low down on what a vape mod actually is:

“Vape Mods are larger devices than e-cigarettes, and are known for their high vapor production. This kind of device takes its cue from a regular vape pen, but is enhanced (or modified, hence the ‘Mod’ name) to include certain advanced features. These advancements can take many forms. For example, because of their size, mods tend to have larger batteries and hold more e-liquid. Plus, the mechanism used to heat the e-liquid is more powerful than the typical e-cigarette. Whatever the enhancements are, you’re unlikely to find them in regular cig-a-likes or vape pens; only in advanced or modified models.”

The Difference Between Vape Mods and Vape Pens

So, what’s the main difference between vape mods and vape pens and what do you need to consider when choosing the right one for you? When it comes down to it, your vaping habits are really going to determine your ideal purchase.

Lindsay Castro of expands on the main difference between vape pens and vape mods:

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